Loving Your Postpartum Self

There was was post by a New Zealand mom last year that got a lot of attention. It is an honest look at her postpartum body. It was refreshing to read because we so often only see what looks like the perfect parts of people’s lives and not the honest, real life parts. Pregnancy can take a tole on a woman body. It can be a little discouraging to have your baby but not your body back right away. But would any of us trade our sweet babies to go back to the way it was before? No. {and if you didn’t say no you probably just need a nap and/or a snack}IMG_6866

Here are a few ideas on how to love your postpartum self

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back. You not only grew a baby, you birthed that baby! You go girl!
  2. Thank God for designing your body perfectly to carry, deliver and to nourish your child. This is truly amazing.
  3. Be patient with yourself. It took 9 months for your body to stretch to accommodate your little one. Allow time for your body to heal in its own time.
  4. Its ok to buy some in-between clothes. After my daughter was born I wore some of my stretchy pregnancy clothes, but there was a phase where my pregnancy clothes became too big and my pre-pregnancy clothes were snug and unflattering. Don’t buy a lot but get yourself a pair few pair of pants to flatter your shrinking belly and some tops to accommodate those new boobs.
  5. Do your hair and make-up. Even if you don’t leave the house and stay in your yoga pants all day, you will feel more put together.
  6. Talk with other moms about there postpartum journey. Listen to their stories. It is so encouraging to know others are experiencing the same things.
  7. Don’t feel guilty taking some “me” time or napping when your baby does. You will have more to offer your family if you take time to care for yourself.
  8. Get some fresh air everyday, even if it is just opening a window or stepping out on your porch for a few minutes.
  9. Be good to your body. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious meals. Don’t go your day on cookies and coffee. {although these things are important}  If you breastfeeding and running on little sleep it easy to not want to put energy into meal planning or preparation, but do your best and don’t be shy about asking for help if you need it.
  10. Speaking of asking for help. Know that postpartum depression is a REAL THING. Know the signs and seek help.
  11. Don’t worry, your husband still loves you. He will love you even more if you love yourself.
  12. Enjoy your baby. They do not stay small for long. Focus on the joy of new life and don’t stress about your new body. You are still you.





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